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This Italian best-selling book was originally published in Italian in 1970. Giacomo's only son is now releasing the English version of the book, asking audiences to look at the Italian-Greek conflict through modern eyes and consider Giacomo's haunting question, "As I look at the carnage I begin to wonder how hatred is born." The book is being offered by Fatuzzo Books and sold on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions.


Giacomo Fatuzzo was born in Vittoria, Sicily in 1900. After graduating from the Italian Military Academy of Modena, he joined the Italian Army and became a career military officer. His long and distinguished military career culminated with his appointment as General of the Italian Army Corp. As an author, General Fatuzzo wrote and published a number of articles and books. He published his first book, a novel (Due anime nel sole), early in his military career when he was a lieutenant stationed in Libya, then an Italian colony. General Fatuzzo died in Albisola Marina, Italy in 1975.

Giacomo's only son, Dr. Ennio Fatuzzo, and his granddaughter, Laura Maria Fatuzzo, have revived Giacomo's writing as an effort to understand the man and explore his timeless questions of war, peace, honor, loyalty, responsibility, and identity.

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MALIBU, CALIF.   Fatuzzo Books announces the release of World War II memoir "The Death of the Julia Division: Memoirs of an Officer." The book comes directly from the wartime journals of Giacomo Fatuzzo, an Italian Army officer who rightfully feared that he was leading his men into a bloodbath for an unworthy cause in 1940. In an unexpected twist, Giacomo was seriously injured, but his life was spared in the conflict while most of his men died around him. Through Giacomo's first-hand account, this book details the gruesome and heartbreaking story of the Julia Division's failed attempt to invade Greece. More than a book about war, the reader journeys alongside Giacomo to ask questions of loyalty to one's country and to his men. This book forces the reader to grapple with the question, "Who is responsible in time of war: the nation's leaders who declare the war or the soldiers who fight it?"

The Death of the Julia Division: Memoirs of an Officer


New Book, 'The Death of the Julia Division,' Explores

the Horrors of War through the Eyes

of an Army General