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The Death of the Julia Division

 Memoirs of an Officer

  by Giacomo Fatuzzo

Written by G. Fatuzzo, based on his War Diary

The devastating chronicle of the destruction of the 3rd Alpine Division Julia in Italy's war against Greece in 1940. An emotional, first-hand, day-by-day description of the challenges, the suffering endured, and the battles fought.

A Timeless Story

The agony of a man who doesn't believe the war he is fighting is justified but fights as hard as he can. The anger of an officer who knows that his superiors are making poor decisions from a remote location but still must follow the resulting orders. The commitment of a soldier who does his best in impossible circumstances and who suffers tremendously, as do all of those involved.

How different is this from stories of soldiers in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan? Ultimately, this book is an anguishing journey by a survivor into the ugly realities of war. Any war.

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