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Survival in the Sea of Economic Chaos

Perspectives on Leadership Actions for Businesses in Crisis

by Carol L. Fatuzzo and Ennio Fatuzzo

Earthquakes, tsunamis, political uprisings, volatile oil prices,

recession, bankrupt nations, unemployment.

There is no end in sight to the roller coaster of economic change. And businesses are adrift in this treacherous sea of turbulence and economic chaos. This new reality, intensified by increasingly interconnected global economies, is unlikely to change, although the causes of the chaos may. In other words, disruptive change is the norm!

What are the consequences? Businesses will continue to experience financial crises, frequently unanticipated and often created by events outside of their control. How business can survive these crises and achieve stability and growth in our turbulent world is the focus of our book.

To be more specific, company survival in times of crises depends on business leaders, their leadership skills, and their swift leadership actions. What should these leadership actions be, and what new leadership skills are needed for business survival?

Seeking answers to such questions is the focus of Survival in the Sea of Economic Chaos, a business leadership book that explores alternative leadership actions for business survival in a disruptive environment such as exists today.

Interested in company survival in today's stormy business seas? Want to better understand the kind of business leadership and leadership action that it takes? If so, grab your life raft and sail along with us in our newest business leadership book.

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