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Dr. Carol L. Fatuzzo is the founder, CEO, and President of New Horizons Business Ventures, Inc. (NHBV), a growth and leadership focused, management consulting company. For more about Dr. C. Fatuzzo and her company, visit nhbvinc.com.

Dr. Ennio Fatuzzo is the founder, CEO, and President of EF Management Associates, Inc. (EFMA), an internet-based executive education and business consulting resource. For more about Dr. E. Fatuzzo and his company, visit efmainc.com.

In partnership, the Fatuzzo's and their companies have written, published, and offer for sale books and articles. One focus is business leadership for combating crises arising from external forces such as economic chaos and/or disruptive competitive pressures. Another focus is the impact of rapidly developing technology on business and humanity.

The Fatuzzo's created this Web site to showcase the books and articles created and/or published by them. Highlighted in this section are the Fatuzzo's business leadership books and articles.

For more information about our articles and/or to purchase and download them, visit our Digital Store. Our books are available in both paperback and Kindle format on amazon.com.

Business Management

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by Carol L. Fatuzzo and Ennio Fatuzzo