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Two Souls in the Sun

A Twisted Love Story

  by Giacomo Fatuzzo

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Mostly a Novel or Mostly a Memoir?

How well does a child know his parents? How well do we really know ourselves? These questions and many more are explored in the novel "Two Souls in the Sun" by Giacomo Fatuzzo, an Italian military officer and my father. He wrote this story, drawing on his own experiences, while he was stationed in Libya in the early part of the 20th century.

Truth or Reality, Fact or Fiction?

Although this book is loosely based on my father's memoirs, it is truly a literary journey into the depths of one's soul. Murder, passion, desperation and jealousy are all explored in the twisted love story of a young Italian officer and his lover Keria. It is unclear where reality becomes fiction as their tale winds through the vast desert of Northern Africa.

Ennio Fatuzzo