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Dynamic Business Planning Basics

An Adaptable Planning Process for Disruptive Times

by Carol Fatuzzo and Ennio Fatuzzo

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Who needs another business planning book?

Think about it. Is your business healthy? Are you satisfied with the results in these difficult economic times" Are you keeping pace with your competitors? Is your business adaptable to the changing environment?

We don't have all of the answers, but we do provide new insights into an "old" topic that we hope will stimulate business leaders to consider new directions for business survival and growth in today's environment.

Dynamic Business Planning Basics is meant to be a guide to an effective business planning process. It is not meant to be a comprehensive treatise on business plans. Instead, it focuses on the planning PROCESS itself, not the written plan.

In the book we teach a 7-step planning methodology for building a strong business plan framework that we call our "dynamic planning process." We then show how to use this methodology to create a "living business plan."

What is a living business plan? It is a dynamic but simple document customized for a particular business. It is specific enough to provide a roadmap that can be followed, but not so complex those using it get lost in the details. But most important, it is a plan with adaptability built into the process for maintaining it in order to allow for rapid changes in course as roadblocks are encountered in today's changing world.

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