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Understanding today, learning from the past, predictions about the future of technology and business.

"Business as usual" is certain death for companies in a volatile economy impacted by rapidly changing and disruptive technologies. But "Superstar Companies" forge their own paths through the chaos. Superstars are the few, extraordinary, publicly traded, Fortune 500 companies that have managed to sustain exponential growth over time, even as they became giants. Which companies are these, what exactly have they achieved, and how?

Creating New Superstars identifies today's Superstars and investigates what makes them shine while other large companies flicker dimly until going dark. Although there is no recipe for success, the book describes selected factors that current Superstars have in common. Included are the act of creation and unconventional leadership, but the focus is on what we believe to be the most important ingredient: technology super-platforms that we call "Launching Pads." These Launching Pads, current and future, have the potential to change the business landscape and more.

Technology and business forever intertwined as the future unfolds. Superstar companies and technology superplatforms are shaping business, humanity, and the world. That's what Creating New Superstars is all about. Its insights are intended to inspire those looking to launch or to be involved in high growth businesses of the future.

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Creating New Superstars

A Guide to Businesses that Soar above the Sea of Normality

by Carol L. Fatuzzo and Ennio Fatuzzo

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